The New Water

Updated: May 20

Data is not the new Oil. It really is the new Water. All of us take it for granted. And yet, instantly notice its scarcity. Because water is life. Every company drinks Data every single day. And there is too much.

We need to decide what tastes best. And what is the most profitable. We need business metrics to do the job. And that means we need to measure daily data costs and book value and profitability.

​Traditional valuation calculations worked perfectly well when data flows were a trickle. No longer. They cannot do the job. We need tangible value to build daily cash metrics and Data is an Intangible Asset. It cannot have daily value. It cannot do the job. And every company has the need.

The traditional way to calculate data cash value is to use all sorts of calculating workarounds; when what the world needs is a new measuring stick.

ORBintel© is the measuring stick.

In a way, our innovation is a lot like Henry Ford's. Everyone knows that Ford created the automated assembly-line.

That's not the innovation. That’s the App.

What Ford really did was organize centuries’ of individual bits of knowledge into a method to standardize industrial parts. He built a practical global measuring standard for manufacturing products and services. To do this, he built a new measuring stick. This is what we’ve done for Data.

ORBintel© is our App.

We've solved the intrinsic monetization problem. This had to be done to build the new measuring service.

We convert raw business data from Intangible Assets to Inventory. We convert data prep from a slow, painful exercise to assembly-line production. We deliver Predictive Root Intelligence by recording the value of the Inventory as fiat-backed Digital Cash Assets in the General Ledger.

If a customer uses Pounds Sterling, the value is recorded as Pounds Sterling. If Euros...Euros. If USD...Dollars. Then we use the cash value to deliver Quality and Profit & Loss benchmarks and variances; to help customers continuously improve Data Operations and Data Profitability.

Imagine the possibilities.


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