Meet The Team


Robyn Blaber

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CTO/Systems Architect: Robyn brings 30-years of business and systems architecture expertise to OrbMB. Analyst, developer, designer, architect and builder ERP systems for private and public verticals. When not coding, Robyn is an accomplished games author, master and architect; and history buff.

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Dugan Selkirk

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Chief Marketing Officer/ Investor Relations Officer: After a 20 year career as an  entrepreneurial founder in media and health companies, Dugan began helping other start-ups identify their scaling strategy to attract go-to-market financing. Currently, Dugan leads a lending program for entrepreneurs with disabilities, Dugan’s passion is matching capital with impact: Financing the change we need to see in the world. Dugan enjoys family life, social agency volunteering and adventure sailing.

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David Huer

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CEO/Founder: David slices Gordian knots, bootstrapping progressive ventures that offer potential for centuries of impact; by solving intractable ‘first principles’ problems, using an unusual ability to sort through vast constellations of clues. Serial entrepreneur, autodidact, polymath, and citizen historian who enjoys outdoor adrenaline sports.


Yuri Brigadir

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Advisor/Product: Yuri is an accomplished product specialist with technical illustration, product design, and web development expertise. Multilingual (Ukrainian, Russian and German). In his spare time, Yuri can be found rock-climbing and snowboarding in BC’s mountain paradise.


Christian Vogl

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Advisor/QC & Operations:  Christian brings 25+ Years of transferable production, procurement, international supply chain, customer training and sales support expertise to OrbMB. Six Sigma Green Belt, SQF, CQA, ASQ. Regulatory experience with multiple countries. Christian enjoys sail racing and hiking with his dog.


Scott Grant

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Advisor/Design: Using 25+ years of design engineering and manufacturing business owner experience, Scott designs a range of goods from consumer goods and medtech to military gear.; and has been instrumental in the development of national standards. Scott enjoys family, skiing, and cottage life.


Ryan Cross

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Advisor/Data Markets: Serial entrepreneur and senior data executive, Ryan is a hyper-analytical tech advisor with a knack for quickly understanding core issues, and then driving to find answers. Ryan’s passion is to help businesses find practical market-ready solutions. Ryan enjoys mountain hiking, trail-running, and XC skiing.